General Jewelry Care Instructions
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Jewelry Care

We want you to wear and enjoy your KatieO jewelry.  Even with proper care, accidents can happen, causing chipping and breakage.  If a problem occurs, please contact us.  The nature of the problem will determine what repair fees, if any, will be charged.  We always give an estimate first and we will restring for free, not including shipping charges.

If properly cared for, KatieO jewelry will last for generations, like many of the components that make up our unique creations. Although I believe that jewelry is made to be worn and adding your own skin oils and some signs of wear and tear here and there is fine, you should avoid certain situations. Protecting your jewelry from scratches, harsh chemicals, and extreme sunlight, will help to ensure you get many years of wear and enjoyment from your precious pieces.

Your KatieO jewelry should always be that last thing you put on.  Perfume, hairspray, makeup, and lotion, will discolor and damage many of the, well basically all of the components we use.

Always take off your KatieO jewelry before getting in shower, swimming pool or spa.

Store your KatieO jewelry separately so it doesn’t get scratched or become entangled and fray or break.  Wrapping it in cotton cloth, loose bubble wrap, or in the box it came in, will help accomplish this.

Do not store KatieO jewelry in sealed plastic bags, as many of our pieces include organic materials in the designs.  Organic materials, like bone, horn, antler, shells, wood, ivory, and pearls, need to breathe.

If you feel the need to clean your KatieO jewelry, only use a100% cotton cloth, and gently wipe the piece clean.

Use caution when using polishing cloths on KatieO jewelry.  The “black smudges” on these cloths can easily cause permanent discoloration to the organic materials, bone, horn, antler, shell, wood, ivory, pearls, found in our jewelry.

Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean KatieO jewelry.  They will scratch silver and some of the softer stones, such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, and amber that we use, and ruin some of the organic materials.

And last but not least be careful not to leave any of your KatieO jewelry, which contains bones, antler, horn, snake vertebrae etc,   anywhere your dog may get a hold of them.  They are real and dogs love them!!

If you have any questions please contact us.





Left: Pati and Picasso - Part of our quality control team - shown here testing the authenticity of wart hog tusk - and yes it is real.

        Right: Picasso sporting what he would like to consider "his" necklace.

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