Fish Symbology in Jewelry Design
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Written by Katie O'Sullivan   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 00:23

fish-pendant-katieo-jewelryAmulets and Symbols in Jewelry Design

Whether you call them amulets, charms, fetishes, or talismans, virtually every culture had them.  I like to think of them as little works of art, but they are so much more than that.  They were worn on the body to bring luck, heal, enhance fertility, protect against injury (during travel, hunting, or from bites and stings) or ward off evil, depending on the wearers beliefs and intentions.  They came in many forms, made with different materials, and adorned with different symbols. The meaning and significance in the symbolism of a particular image changed from east to west, culture to culture, and even day to day.  Even if you do not believe in their magical powers, it is fun to know the intention of the artists who created them, and the power felt by the person who wore them before you, as many of the pieces are antiques.  Below is a list of amulets and symbols found in many of the pendants and beads in KatieO jewelry.


The Fish symbolizes fertility, abundance, prosperity, and healing. It has been associated with the Mother Goddess, the moon, and the primeval waters from which all life grew.  In Christianity the fish symbolizes both Christ and the faithful swimming in the sea of life.  I n Greek the first letters of the five words Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, spell Ichthus - or fish.  In India the fish is a symbol of freedom and in Buddhism it represents the freedom from restraints of worldly desires.  In China the fish is a symbol of plenty and good luck, and is widely linked with fertility and sexual happiness. In parts of Africa the fish is a symbol of wealth, abundance, and a source of healing,  and is often reserved for rulers.  In some Native American tribes the fish is a symbol of life giving water and is thought to bring good luck and a long life.

In Astrology the Fish or Pisces is imaginative, intuitive and very compassionate.


Top Left:  Fish Tales, from the Treasure Chest Collection

Bottom Right:  Reds Sea, from the Fringe Collection

                          Fish Tales, from the Treasure Chest Collection

                          Pendants from the KatieO Collection

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